Posing with my dream car 13 years ago (2006)!

I’m a mix between being super competitve and serious, to really laid back and easy going. I get bored quickly, so I am always looking to learn about something new and exciting. My financial vice is sports cars and racing. To this day, my top bucket list item is to buy that bright red Ferrari 360. That pretty much has been my sole inpsiration to get up and work hard every day. I also enjoy playing some volleyball, hanging with my wife, son, and two dogs, and being outside in general.

Since grade school, I always knew what I wanted to do with my career – become an architect and make the big bucks. (side note – if you’re dream is to become an architect for the money, please look elsewhere. Going to school for 6 years, interning for 3 and then taking 7 exams is not the fast track to making them papers stack!) I went straight through college and graduated with my Masters in Architecture. Landed a decent job at a good company right out of college at 24, got married the same year, and things were working out just as I had imagined. (Money on my mind? Hell naw, not a chance! we just out-earned our terrible spending habits).

Five years after school, I got a job offer to move from the Chicago area to South Carolina. My wife and I visited the area, fell in love, and the rest is history. This move was the first real time we even though about our finances, but only for a short time as my wife landed another job fairly quickly and we were comfortable with a dual-income no kids (DINK) lifestyle. Two car payments, students loans, mortgage, and just frivolous spending was the name of the game.

Fast forward another 5+ years and life has changed a ton. We have a toddler running around causing havoc and we have reevaluated our priorities. Instead of being happy with the 9-5 and going through the motions for the next 30-40 years, it’s time to get out of the rat race and gain some freedom. After a lot reading, learning, and listening to podcasts, we created a plan to hit by financial freedom by our mid-40s and now are excited to put it in place! It’s going to take some time, and some sacrifice in the short-term, but hitting that freedom mark is going to feel priceless!   

– Dave

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