“Bit of a dreamer, but growing up, work always came first. Early on, I wanted to play paintball professionally, but after years and years the highest I made it was Semi (and truly just for one tournament). But it taught me to try and try.

I knew I wanted to be an Engineer, but it took until 30 to finally finish my degree.  School wasn’t easy for me and while I loved learning everything, things did not come easy to me on the first try.  It always seemed like I was on edge of pass or fail throughout most of my education. I worked full time and travelled 50 miles one-way to Purdue sometimes twice a day to finally get a Bachelors.  It was hard. I paid school along the way, I hardly slept for years and still ended with 23k of debt. Even as an engineer I only cleared about $300 a month. But I thought this is how “its” supposed to be.   

Later I pushed and got a patent at a company I worked for.     They own it, but it was cool getting my name in the books. Late twenties I  spent some time racing dirtbikes and then one day I gave standup comedy a whirl.  Pain from crashing taught me not to fail. Bombing on stage taught me to have tough skin and boosted my confidence significantly.  Somehow, all this time snd and without knowing it, I have been just building different skillsets to lead me to today.

Yes I wanted to be an engineer….but I think all this time I wanted to just have the skill of an engineer.  What I really want now is to be free financially

……and I’ll take it in whatever form that is going to be.”   – Dennis

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