What’s the Point of all this Financial Sh*t?!

Building wealth is simple, but it’s not easy! Society as a whole has failed the financial literacy test. Not just below a 50%, but a BIG FAT ZERO. We don’t even know if people knew about this lifelong exam in the first place. Even worse, those bad money decisions and habits continue to get preached and accepted as the norm.  It has never been easier to spend money and take out debt, but no one taught us how to save and pay down all the money that was so readily lent to us. Take out college loans, get a mortgage, get credit cards, buy that new car. You’ll have your entire life to earn money, so just live it up while you can. Soon, many in our generation found themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt without knowing how to get out and become financially stable. Completely abandoned by everyone, we are thrown out into the world to figure out this money game on our own.

A few months ago, we realized the system has completely failed our generation and set us up for financial slavery until at least our 60s. The fact that general FINANCIAL COMPETENCY ISN’T A REQUIRED CORE CLASS for graduating college and moving into the real world of adulthood is a bunch of BS. Where was the financial literacy course that discussed even the basics of how to have success with money? We’re not even talking about how to make millions or billions, but just money management, paying off debt, and investing concepts. If we all had that ingrained into our minds, we would at least have the information on starting life with a solid financial foundation.

A decade out of college and in our mid-30s, we were not looking forward to working another 30 to 40 years until retirement. (Who the hell decided our 60s and 70s were the right time to live our golden years anyways? We’ll all be old and crippled by then!) Fed up with the concept of working the 9-5 until what seemed like eternity, we decided to begin researching good money management, debt reduction, financial independence, and investing. Hence, Millionennials was born. It serves as a journal to document our plans, money moves, and journeys to hit financial independence by our mid 40’s, with the overarching goal of providing financial education and motivation to our Millennial colleagues and future generations. We want to help make Millionaires out of Millennials.

Millionennials is about applying smart financial decisions we wish were taught in high school, college, or our early careers. This will lead us to building wealth and hopefully hitting financial independence prior to the accepted retirement age of 67 (Social security considers full retirement age 66½ for 2019. We rounded up because who celebrates half birthdays other than the government?) At a minimum, we want to have the financial freedom to do what we want when we do retire. Join in and follow along as we provide a platform for others to learn and discuss money moves to gain financial success.

-Dave & Dennis

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