Why Should You Care About Financial Fitness? Opportunity and Freedom!

Do you know what’s cool? Showing up at a job each day and being able to say “If they fired me today, if they closed the doors today, I don’t need this job to survive. F-You bossman!” That’s the opportunity that having financial discipline and being intentional with your money can create for you. And that’s priceless.

Be financially fit while you’re still physically fit. Look, one day you are going to be old as shit. You can’t enjoy anything when you are old and decrepit, even if you have a lot of money. Instead, we need to enjoy life while we can. That’s where financial fitness and financial freedom fit in. It’s not all about money and being the best/richest, but having the financial stability to have control over our lives. Life is about experiences and having a fulfilling journey, not being stuck in the rat race working a 9-5 for someone else just to stay afloat. We all face the same common financial elements, but if you don’t handle these everyday financial items and plan for them, a minor inconvenience can turn into a catastrophe and you’ll be stuck in a pit of work forever.

People want to make their own choices. The point of financial freedom is to create the ability for you to do what you want, when you want, however you want to do it

  • No more waking to the alarm clock – instead waking up naturally in the morning (unless you have a toddler like me who wakes up at 6am yelling our names like the devil)
  • No more dragging your lifeless body to the office to work on mundane tasks and getting yelled at for not caring – instead learning and acting on things you’re passionate about
  • No more counting down the days to the weekend or vacation – it’s freedom everyday!
  • No more waiting for that next paycheck to come – you’re financially stable and in control

Maybe you hate your line of work, your work schedule, your boss; you want more free time or want to travel more; have a fun hobby you would like to focus on; you want to change your job without worrying about salary; have a desire to spend more time with family and friends, relax, or explore the world; or maybe you just want to sit along the beach being a lazyass drinking Coronas (this one sounds really appealing 90% of the time I’m working!).

Regardless of the reason, the point is that these dreams can become achievable realities if you put the right system in place to get there. Once the dependence on working to survive and provide financial support is taken out of the equation, our lives free up to focus on the things that matter to us. Instead of working for the weekend and relying on two days a week to make our own schedule and do what we want, we should flip the script and have full control of our schedules every single day. Then you can focus on what your passions really are and live a fulfilling, meaningful life. 

-Dave & Dennis

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